Orangeville developing a Culture Plan

In recognition of the growing importance of arts and culture initiatives to Orangeville’s economy and quality of life, the Town of Orangeville is in the process of developing a Cultural Plan that will solidify Orangeville as a vibrant hub and destination for arts and culture.

Toronto firms Culture Capital and Nordicity have formed...

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Orangeville launches Municipal Cultural Plan and Map Project

May 12, 2013

Joining other forward-thinking municipalities in Ontario, the Town of Orangeville is developing its first Municipal Cultural Plan and Cultural Map. As part of its 150 birthday celebrations, the Town has launched the project in an effort to raise awareness of the importance of arts...

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Rita Davies: Toronto’s former culture chief plans her next act

December 19, 2012

She has been keeping a low profile since her sudden exit last summer from her long-run starring role as queen of culture at City Hall. But now Rita Davies is ready for a comeback.

Her job as executive director of culture for the city is behind her. Developing Nuit Blanche...

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New Toronto Book Fair could be lifeline for printed word

August 7, 2012

Prepare yourself for a new cultural attraction: an annual Toronto book fair.

Publishers, booksellers and authors could get a boost from a bold proposal that will be announced Thursday.

“This could be a big boon to the Canadian publishing industry...

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Culture queen Rita Davies’ departure a huge loss for Toronto

July 27, 2012

“Virtually irreplaceable” is the phrase Councillor Shelley Carroll uses to describe Rita Davies, whose 13-year-reign as queen of culture for the city of Toronto ended last week when she left city hall with disconcerting abruptness.

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Knelman: City Hall moves to raise arts spending

August 16, 2010

Toronto’s sparkling but woefully underfunded arts organizations got a boost at City Hall on Monday.

After a series of presentations by many of the city’s top performers and major cultural organizations, council’s executive committee voted to recommend the city stay the course on its long-term strategy of raising funding levels to $25 per capita by 2013.

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The Inside Story behind Inspire!

November 12, 2014

The creation of Toronto's new book fair reads like a Canlit classic in-the-making.

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